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Singer, songwriter and music producer Damiko Starr born Marcus Whitsey has loved music from as far back as his memory will take him.   Damiko Starr was introduced to music as a relaxation tool. He would fall asleep to records played by his father when he was a child. This peace of mind and calming feeling came from these old school R&B records (which helped inspire his soulful R&B sound). His older brother could sing and a young, shy Damiko Starr was a little envious of the attention that his brother received. Damiko Starr used this emotion as motivation and whenever an opportunity presented itself where he could sing in front of an audience, no matter the size he seized it. Growing up in an extremely musical household, Damiko Starr learned at an early age the profound effect that music has on people. If you're sad music can make you happy. If you are angry music can calm you down. Music became a part of him. Music was now a positive outlet for every emotion experienced. Real life lyrics combined with catchy, group like harmonies, make for the unique Damiko Starr sound.

 Coming up in the era of male groups such as Hi Five, New Edition, Troop, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Dru Hill and 112 influenced Damiko Starr's career moves. He said, "A group brings a different element that a solo artist can't provide." However after years of being a part of the R&B group “V.I.P”, Damiko Starr wanted to pursue his solo career. As a solo artist he saw that there's a creative process of self-expression incomparable to the group settings that he'd come accustom. His heart and mind freely illuminate his passion and love for the craft.

Amongst other career choices such as being a carpenter  and HVAC tech nothing has been as satisfying as music. Set to attract the masses this heartfelt songwriter serenades us with love, hurt and pain in the debut single 'Bitter', releasing in May 2017. Damiko Starr's music is a rare form, with raw and relatable lyrics. Delivered as real R&B his music is made for that soulful audience but appeals to all music lovers. With all of the emotion portrayed in his music, you are not just listening to his music; you are actually experiencing his music. It envelops you and takes you along for the ride. His debut album is scheduled to release in the late summer/early fall of 2017Music videos are underway as well. This talented producer also takes credit for co-writing and producing "Turning Away' from Bryan Andrew Wilson’s, The One Percent album. He is practicing, writing and building his song catalog daily, so that nothing but perfection will hit the streets and the hands of true music fans.

 "There's nothing else in the world that I'd rather be doing," he expresses. “My greatest desire is to touch people through music. Whenever someone is listening to my music, whether it be live or recorded, I want them to be uplifted. If I can help change their mood or make them feel better about whatever they may be going through, I feel I've done my job. Music is my passion and I love sharing the gift that I was given."

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Published on May 6, 2017Music video for BITTER performed by Damiko Starr.WWW.DAMIKOSTARR.COMhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw4v...https://www.facebook.com/Damiko%20Sta...Copyright...

Posted by Damiko Starr on 08/08/2017 in Pop

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