Eric Nedelman

Music Artist
Founder/Guitar/Vocals at Unpaved Highway
San Diego, California, United States

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  • Year Established
  • 2012

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Unpaved Highway’s “Rock ‘n’ Road” music crafts a musical landscape where an acoustic sound is entwined with deeply emotional, poetic rock music. Hailing from San Diego, the trio's music draws on artists stretching from John Mellencamp to Nirvana, and modern bands from Cage the Elephant to Mumford and Sons. Unpaved Highway writes songs that tell stories inspired by their connections with fans and infused with their own personal experience. Fans are encouraged to share their experiences, achievements and hardships, and have songs written for them that move the listeners and remind them of how they have felt in those moments.

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Eric Nedelman YouTube Videos

"Back At Home"

This video for the song "Back at Home," by Eric Nedelman of Unpaved Highway, is dedicated to our armed forces...

Posted by Eric Nedelman on 05/03/2017 in Rock

Eric Nedelman SoundCloud Recordings

Fragments of My Life EP

The debut EP from Unpaved Highway highlights their anthemic rock 'n' road style, acoustic underpinnings and bluesy...

Posted by Eric Nedelman on 01/10/2019

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