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Submitted by Country Music Magazine Nashville Tnn on 10/27/2019

Nashville Music Groups Are Stunned By Kenny Clarks Single Broken!!

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In todays Entertainment Magazine. Music Groups in Nashville Tnn. Are Amazed at the New Single Rekease by Country Artist:Kenny Clark from Etowah A.R. And the real Interesting issue is out of know were this Country Artist has capture Music Row by suprize. Review by :John Jacobs /Country Music Magazine. [10/22/2019 ]

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107.3 f.m The Bear U.K

It is rare that a outsider of are country has climbed are charting system here in Canada as the American Country Artist:Kenny Clark has done. And we here at 107.3 f.mThe Bear can't wait till his next Release.

Submitted by Kerrymcroy Radio D.j [u.k] on 10/27/2019