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Brendan Barnier Review

Submitted by Leanna T on 10/12/2018

Your hometown is cheering for you all the way!!!!

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This a great kid with great talent! Keep up the hard work. You're going to be a BIG STAR one day soon!

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Swag epic singer guy or sum

He kinda mid but its aight lol, He sings with passion its beautiful to see (sometimes).

Submitted by Alysson on 02/23/2022


Sounds amazing!!!!

Submitted by Robz on 10/11/2018


Love listening to you grow and evolve as an artist and looking forward to hearing some original music

Submitted by Sarah Nickerson on 10/11/2018

This kid has it all!!!

Wow just wow is all I can say!!! can't wait to hear you on the radio,keep it up

Submitted by Mel on 10/06/2018

Amazing Talent

Wow! You will go far in your music career! Congrats!

Submitted by Laura Jorae on 10/02/2018

Great job

Congrats on winning ❤️ Keep up the good work

Submitted by Megan on 10/02/2018

On hiscway to stardom!

I have been watching Brendan for years progress with his music and im excited to see what he does in the mysic industry

Submitted by Sarah Stratton on 10/02/2018

Great job buddy

Submitted by Charity Will on 10/01/2018

Big Fans!!!

We love his music!! So happy for him!!!

Submitted by Lisa Mirza on 09/28/2018

Fantastic job

Great song choice, great voice, fantastic job

Submitted by Steve Clark on 09/27/2018