This kid has it all!!!

Wow just wow is all I can say!!! can't wait to hear you on the radio,keep it up

Submitted by Mel on Saturday, Oct 06, 2018

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Your hometown is cheering for you all the way!!!!

This a great kid with great talent! Keep up the hard work. You're going to be a BIG STAR one day soon!

Submitted by Leanna T on Friday, Oct 12, 2018


Sounds amazing!!!!

Submitted by Robz on Thursday, Oct 11, 2018


Love listening to you grow and evolve as an artist and looking forward to hearing some original music

Submitted by Sarah Nickerson on Thursday, Oct 11, 2018

Amazing Talent

Wow! You will go far in your music career! Congrats!

Submitted by Laura Jorae on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018

Great job

Congrats on winning ❤️ Keep up the good work

Submitted by Megan on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018

On hiscway to stardom!

I have been watching Brendan for years progress with his music and im excited to see what he does in the mysic industry

Submitted by Sarah Stratton on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018

Great job buddy

Submitted by Charity Will on Monday, Oct 01, 2018

Big Fans!!!

We love his music!! So happy for him!!!

Submitted by Lisa Mirza on Friday, Sep 28, 2018

Fantastic job

Great song choice, great voice, fantastic job

Submitted by Steve Clark on Thursday, Sep 27, 2018 Newsletter!