Tina ❤️

So soooo good !! Keep doing your thing girl ❤️

Submitted by Breanna on Monday, Oct 15, 2018

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Do not sleep on this future songstress

It was quite a shock honestly! I followed her on a completely different subject, but as I looked more into her twitter profile, I noticed she loved to sing. Once I heard that voice, I was freakin’ blown away! How she do that? She makes you feel the song! Her first live gig, a, maz, ing! Lemme tell y’all, she doesn’t sing, she sangs people! I say this, do not, I repeat, do not sleep on this songbird! You are looking at the next big thing!

Submitted by Tyrone Thompson on Tuesday, Oct 09, 2018

Future Star

Absolutely stunning vocals with a beautiful stage presence. Felt every word and emotion from the song. A beautiful young artist with a very huge bright future ❤️

Submitted by Annmarie Bell on Monday, Oct 08, 2018

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