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  • Year Established
  • 2016
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  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club

More About Your Branding Spot

Hi, my name is Mike Young and I’m the Founder of Your Branding Spot.

As a fellow small business owner and entrepreneur, I know firsthand the importance of your brand when it comes to promoting and growing your business. 

I created my first logo and branding materials using PowerPoint over a decade ago and — let me be honest — it was awful. But, I had to get out and promote my business. I hobbled along, but it never felt quite right.

When I finally had enough success to purchase visual branding, I was thrilled — only later to discover that the logo I purchased was generic, overused and certainly not custom. I was ashamed and felt taken advantage of. It took something out of me.

Here’s what I’ve learned after creating 35+ brands from the ground up.When your graphics are positioned properly and look great, it gives you the confidence to promote your business. When you promote like crazy, the right people will find you and buy from you.

My personal experiences led me to create a process to help small business owners and entrepreneurs quickly and affordably turn their vision into reality. With a dedicated professional design team, Your Branding Spot provides custom logos, visual branding, review automation & reputation management and strategic promotion courses and coaching.

Our philosophy is simple; we believe that you deserve an outstanding custom visual brand at a reasonable price and then need to promote strategically to compete with the big brands. We strive to blow you away with what we deliver and we’ll keep working until we do.

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