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Submitted by Hannah on 06/12/2019


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He beat singer I’ve ever heard!!! She’s gonna get so farrrrr

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from Poppie

you are just incredible, i’d do anything to have a voice like yours

Submitted by Poppie on 05/27/2019


Your a star in the making Can’t wait to see you progress

Submitted by Mads on 04/29/2019

Sophie b

Awesome music such a talented singer

Submitted by Sophie B on 04/28/2019


I love the tone of your voice! You are going so far I’m telling you!

Submitted by Unknowin on 04/28/2019

Own songs

Such an amazing singer and song writer you could honestly go so far. I am proud of you I love you gorgeous xx

Submitted by Unknown on 04/28/2019