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I played in an Essex-based band. This band did change line-ups quite often. The band was originally named  ‘Yecrap’ , later changed to ‘Yecraq’ . In this form we played at various clubs and pubs in Southend,  Rochford  and  Rayleigh  area. Among  these were The Mill hall, Rayleigh , The Malborough, and Kings Head, Rochford, and Bar Lambs, The sunrooms, Southend-on-sea.
We also began a tour of the north,  and stopped to play in Sheffield initially, then moved on to play in Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle area.  After some fallouts and differences, and money shortage  the drummer decided to stay in this area, and I am back in my  home area.
Some of influences,  were The Beatles, Hendrix, Led zeppelin, Radiohead, The White stripes, King Crimson, numerous others. and experimented  with our own material, which is rock with some satirical edge, Bonzo doo dah, Zappa, Spinal Tap, or Tenacious D, mixed with Bob Dylan or Billy Bragg. 

I am signed up to a few  music websites, -,-which features files and samples of my material, and some performed with last band.


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