Posted by The Rough on 06/21/2017

Time Is...


They say that we've got just one life to live

And if it's true, then you be careful what you give

A greedy hand will make for a big demand

Composure balances the ground on which you stand


Is it our place to just save face?

Don't ever be the one so easy to debase

You can't just throw your hands in woe

You've got the strength and much more than you'll ever know


It strikes the chord in all our hearts and what we say

It stripes the love and leaves us bleeding honestly 

It starts the wars and heals the pain in every way

It drives the force behind all that we want to be


Never accept only what's given to me

If there's much more to this, I'll be the one to see

Be who you are, do what you want to do

No one on this earth will be better than you


It's not our place to just save face

No need to be the one so easy to erase

Don't ever throw your hands in woe

You've got the strength, and much more than you need to show





[Lose yourself, no - loss is sorrow]

[No tomorrow, time is borrowed]

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