Posted by Bob A. Feldman on 10/08/2017

Orlando Massacre

An anti-war topical folk song about mass shootings in USA and endless U.S. drone wars abroad that was written after the 2016 massacre in Orlando, Florida.
On Virginia Tech's campus
In a Sandy Hook school
And in California and Colorado
And a Black church massacre
In South Carolina
And then 49 killed in Orlando.

They claim drone wars in foreign lands
"Protect our security"
Yet the more they make war to change regimes
The less secure people seem to be. (chorus)

They cut programs that treat the mentally ill
To pay billions for "homeland security"
Yet they don't stop weapons being sold to the insane
Before they go on a shooting spree.

He worked for G4S
That gets contracts to provide "security"
Yet before licensing him to shoot his gun
They failed to do enough screening.

In the LGBT Pulse club
The homophobic guard staged his massacre
To kill civilians was his goal
In his lonely, mixed-up, suicidal war.

The leaders still don't know that drone attacks
Create hate and not world peace
And negotiations, not more endless war,
Is the way to get homeland security.

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