Posted by Michel Griffin on 05/22/2017

FEEL MY LOVE: Michel Griffin sings Bob Dylan's Finest Lovesongs

" Beautifully produced album ... pure joy. "   -

".. songs positively shimmer and shine ... "   - Skope Magazine

Respectful of the originals while offering his own take on these true-blue American classics, Michel Griffin’s “Feel my Love: Bob Dylan’s Finest Lovesongs” simply stuns." - Skope Magazine

Michel’s voice - all velvet & smoke - brings new life to the familiar lyrics ... Make You Feel My Love ... is arranged for three guitars and a saxophone and sung with such feeling it’ll give you goosebumps."-


Bob Dylan was an early hero. I discovered him when I was 14 and just taking up the guitar. He has been with me ever since. I always felt a special kindred with his lovesongs, and was surprised to find that no-one appeared to have dedicated an album to them.

Recorded in the US and in France, this album was two years in the making.

So here it is - in my own gravelly voice, and with my own arrangements.


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