Posted by David Church on 12/25/2017

David Church Country

David and Terri Lisa Church have been featured on the RFDTV network for over 13 years. The show, "Midwest Country" is featured on prime time Saturday night. With Nielson ratings in the top 3, David Church is the "most requested and most popular" artist! "RETRO" country music, that traditional sound with a flavor of modern twist, David and Terri Lisa are capturing interest all over the world with music that is appealing to a new generation of country listeners. "We have found that the younger age groups are literally "starving" for the early sounds such as Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzel, Johnny Cash and more." stated David Church. From College age to Grand-parents, they have bridged the gap of generations, making an old style new again! Several songs are burning up the indie charts all over the world!

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