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Why Excellence In Custom Designed Icons Is Important


Powerful and well-designed icons are universally recognised. They embody products, messages, or brands without the need for written explanation. Icons can convey meaning and emotion, either on a personal level or at a brand level. Given the power they hold for your business, excellent icon design is essential.

When used correctly, icons are easily remembered and can enhance usability. However, poorly designed custom icons will have the opposite effect, creating confusion and making navigation more difficult. Where the intention of an icon is unclear, users will not know what action to take, what product is being offered, or what brand is being promoted. If users are unsure, they are unlikely to click on the icon, and this has a detrimental effect on your profits and lowers the return you gain from investing in an icon designer.

Icon design needs to consider the purpose of the icon, how it is interpreted by those viewing it, and the visual impact it has on the viewer. Consistency is another important aspect that needs to be considered. If you use inconsistent design in your icon, then it loses its universality and again creates confusion.

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