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What Content Should Your Marketing Agency Offer?


Any marketing agency Leeds will tell that when it comes to your website, content is king.

But content marketing means a different thing today than what it used to. In days gone by, inserting keywords and phrases to ensure higher SEO rankings was content’s primary goal. These days, however, search engines are more sophisticated at rooting out such ‘dark art’ practices.

Which means today the aim of any content is to entertain, to educate and to engage. Essentially, to add value.

Your Leeds content marketing agency should be able to write brilliant blogs, awesome articles, stupendous social media… and other such alliterative amazingness.

Video content marketing, too, should play an important role in your content marketing strategy. Video engages more than any other medium, and it’s never been easier to create video content that grabs the attention and converts strangers into customers.

So, when you’re looking for a marketing agency in Leeds to help your website climb Google’s rankings, grow your social media following and unleash the full power of video content marketing, don’t settle for one that just blogs or writes copy for your main pages. Find one that adds value.

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