Lordsac Official

Music Artist
Music Director at Indiefy & Coded Dynasty
Abak, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Passion driven even when the road is still narrow.

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  • Year Established
  • 2016
  • Hours of Operation
  • Anyday, but mostly evening.
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • Transfer, or cash payment
  • Honors & Awards
  • Best Rap act, Best dress act.

More About Lordsac Official

Indiefy is a Mexican company, with over 10000 artist, I am just a recording artist in the label with hit jam shit on me over all platform. 

Coded dynasty is an upcoming label which with less than a month of entry, i  was given the music director of the label. 

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Lordsac music store is a place you get all lordsac music works. Lordsac who is a talented act base in Nigeria has gone a...

Posted by Lordsac Official on 07/04/2018

Los Angeles, CA, USA
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