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Posted by Marvellous Omeh on 06/21/2023 in Pop

BLessJ - Play feat. Terry G (Official Music Video)

BLessJ's latest EP, #GoTrue, is a powerful and inspiring collection of songs that delve deep into the realities of life. Featuring the legendary Nigerian artist Terry G, the EP is a testament to BLessJ's talent and dedication to his craft. With each track, BLessJ takes listeners on a journey through his own experiences, sharing his struggles and triumphs with raw honesty and emotion. From the infectious beats of "PLAY" to the introspective lyrics of "GoTrue", this EP is a must-listen for anyone looking for music that speaks to the heart and soul. With production by O.Y Production and mixing and mastering by Si Nic, the sound quality is top-notch, making it a true pleasure to listen to. And with a stunning video by Zec Alym, the visuals are just as captivating as the music itself. Overall, #GoTrue is a powerful and uplifting EP that showcases BLessJ's incredible talent and passion for music.

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