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Frequently Asked Questions

1. You must have a profile on the MusicArtists.com.

2. Your Profile must indicate 100% completed in your Profile setup page.

3. You must have a YouTube link in your profile setup.

4. Your video can be an original song or a cover song.

5. Your video must show you performing a complete song (no short video clips or lyric only videos)

6. Your video must be clear and of excellent quality.

7. Your voice must be clear and professional.

8. You may email our staff at music@musicartists.com, requesting consideration.

9. The staff of MusicArtists.com makes the daily selection for The Featured Artist.

10. You will be notified via email, if you are selected.

Best of Luck!

1. Your Picture, Name, Link To Your Profile & Official Video Wil Be Displayed On Our Home Page For 24 Hours!

2. You will shine above all the rest, maybe launch your career or get discovered and have a great story to tell your grandchildren!

1. On the main menu Click Contact Us and complete the contact form.

2. You can email us directly at music@musicartists.com. We strive to respond in 24 hours or less.

3. We do not offer telephone support at this time.

1. On the main menu click JOIN

2. Select from the drop-down menu.

3. Complete the sign-up form.

4. You will be redirected to your Profile Dashboard.

5. Complete all fields! (Completed Profiles show up higher in our search results.)

6. Make sure to enter a YouTube link for your Official Profile Video.

7. Create additional content for your Profile and site. Check out your options on the left-hand side of your Profile setup page.

8. Watch for our Welcome email for tips and more! (You may need to check your junk or spam mailbox.)

1. Go to your Profile setup page and look for the section on the left side of the page.

2. Click on the Feature you would like to add content and follow the instructions.

1. My Official Video (YouTube link) in your Profile is only displayed in your Profile.

2. To display the video throughout the site, you must uploaded it in the YouTube Videos section in your profile setup.

1. Go to Edit My Profile

2. If an upgrade is available, just click on the Upgrade Your Membership Button (Top Right).

3. Also in your Profile you can Click On Account (left-side of page)

4. Click Manage Page

5. Click on Upgrade Membership Level.

1. Go to the top right corner on any page of our site.

2. Click on the button that states 'Welcome (your name)'

3. Then Click on the Edit Profile button.

1. MusicArtists.com support team is happy to help! You can send us an email at: music@musicartists.com

2. We strive to respond in 24 hours or less.

1. Go to the top right corner on any page of our site.

2. Click on the Member Login.

3. Enter you email address and password.

1. Go to the footer (bottom) of any page.

2. Under Support, click on Password Retrieval.

3. Enter your email address.

4. Click on Get My Password button.

Yes, you can cancel your account at anytime.

1. Go to Profile setup page.

2. In your profile, Click on Account (left-hand side of the page.)

3. Click on Mangage Account.

4. Click on Close My Account (bottom of page).

1. Refunds are not issued for any membership levels that opted for the annual discounted payment option.

2. Monthly membership levels can be cancelled at any time. Refunds will not be issued for unused days in your billing cycle.