Posted By William Bryant Jr. on 10/04/2018 in Video Release


Moreno Valley, CA, USA

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The making of 'WE NEED LOVE' celebrates the love between Parents and their children, between Lovers and Friends. But it also shows some of the sadness of War, Hate, Loneliness and Abuse.

'WE NEED LOVE' shows the possibilities of how we should live by caring for each other and the ignorance by not acknowledging that we are one.

This Music Video is not to showcase myself for financial gains. But we all must do our part to right the wrongs before we come to a point of no return Those that have been Blessed and Saved must not stand on the sideline and watch the world continue it's downward spiral into an abyss.

People are hurting out there and a small act of kindness can change the way a person lives his or her life forever.

Kindness changed my life and I will never forget those that carried me when I thought there wasn't any love left in the world.

So love each other, care for each other and above all, look out for each other because we are all we have.


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