Posted by Patrick Antonian on 05/12/2017

#25forever – $9.99


First Single "Elite Year" feat. Ras Kass. Produced by Arctic Love off the "#25forever" mixtape. Full Version of the mixtape is available now on iTunes

***With features by:
Ras Kass, Stacee Adamz, K-Young, Vicious Automatic, Chilly Willy, Sonali Bijor, Maria Cozette, Rashondra Angelle, El-Prez, & One-2

***Production by:
Alchemist, Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities, Arctic Love, BeiRu for Musa Ler Music, 51/50, Rocket Pro, Les Correa for Soundmind Industries, Voski, A.Chilla, Paycheq, Komplex, & More…

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