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Ukrainian All Girl Rock Band The Sixsters Released a New Song

Ukrainian All Girl Rock Band The Sixsters Released a New Song

Ukraine, March 26, 2019 -- All girl rock band The Sixsters have released a new song "I'm Voting." This song is their debut as a rock band, their first own song and first clip. 

Pavlo Gudimov, the song author: “This song was written six months ago. It is about a new generation, which [so far] does not vote in elections, but makes its choice for our development and freedom. It is primitive to look for political or agitation background in such songs. It is not present there!

=== "I'm Voting":

The Sixsters is an all girl rock band that was created in Ukraine in the spring of 2018. The girls are from 8 to 14 years old. All of them have intensively studied music for several years. Unlike other children's and teenagers' bands which are usually focused on the pop music or rap, The Sixsters professionally perform high quality rock.

"The Sixsters" means "Six sisters" - the band consists of six girls who became like sisters due to their love to music:

  • Alona Lipska, guitar;
  • Victory Vizanska, vocal;
  • Iren Semka, guitar;
  • Kate Kuziakina, drums;
  • Maya Podolska, keyboard;
  • Taya Voznychka, bass guitar.

The main author of The Sixsters' songs (both lyrics and music) is Pavlo Gudimov. He is a Ukrainian musician and art manager. For many years Pavlo Gudimov performed as a guitarist in the famous Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy.

The song lyrics (translation from Ukrainian)

 All that I still see around, it's been a long time ago.

 It left a great trace.

 What to take in the future, nobody knows.

 But it will melt like ice...

 All priorities for me are not like those

 For which we fought gloriously, yeah.

 I'm sick of banal problems,

 Of politics, the media, and the abyss around.


 I'm voting for the note A,

 For the note B,

 For the note G!

 I'm voting for the warm rain

 And the wind of change in my soul!

 I'm voting!

 I'm voting!

 Half of us already are like zombies, how are we?

 Such large numbers are.

 What life will be real and what will you do?

 Why this world does not crack...

 Next we are all hitchhiking on holes and humps

 To forget so much, yeah.

 Let's get out, let's go to the sun in our heads,

 Because we should shine for so long!


 Where do our dreams live - far or not?

 But we will not ruin them.

 The time's come to give the hope for all of us -

 Whether we be or not.

 Fill the planet with laugh!


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