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The Mark Christopher Band Works on New Music

The Mark Christopher Band Works on New Music

The Mark Christopher Band Works on New Music

LA Band Works on New Material


Los Angeles, California – May 19, 2017 – The city of Los Angeles has come to be known as a transplant locale. A place where one moves to make moves. The men of The Mark Christopher Band stray from the pack because to them, this city if simply home. All three come from a varying set of influences that come together to create a sound that fully reflects the struggle of what it means to strive and survive a place where everyone is trying to make something out of nothing.

Raised in Los Angeles, all three men know the highs of lows their hometown can offer. Leading man Mark Christopher picked up his first guitar at 15 after watching his jazz pianist father for years. He wanted in on the action and with that went from playing in high school to graduating to local bars and clubs. The same can be said of bassist Philip Friedland, who also worked hard making a name for himself in the local club scene. For Steve Roybal, he’s played on one of the biggest stages LA has to offer. A member of the Los Angeles Junior. Philharmonic, this drummer brings his style alive by incorporating technique he’s picked up from the likes of his influences that include Louis Bellson, Gene Krupa, and Buddy Rich.

Local boys and a Philharmonic member, they came together over a shared love of blues, hard rock and that a soulful LA street sound that very few are in tune with. Until now that is with The Mark Christopher Band. They’ve put all their eclectic styles into one and emerged with their own take on music, one that has served them well playing everywhere in Los Angeles from the infamous Viper Room to Molly Malone’s down on Fairfax. They want to continue to build up their local fan base in LA and throughout Orange County as well, all while putting out their third album in the coming months.

Those interested in reviewing the album when available, or interviewing LA’s own The Mark Christopher Band can get in touch via the information provided below.



The Mark Christopher band is a three-piece rock band with a lot of soul from Los Angeles set on continuing their local success while putting the final touches on their upcoming third release.

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