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Malin Dillner releases her own solo album!

Malin Dillner releases her own solo album!
Press Release: 2015-01-09 DillnerMusic

Malin Dillner releases her first solo album!
 - "Hidden in the Sands" will be released on January 28th!
Malin Dillner's music holds strong feelings about awakening and determination to go her own way. 
The music can be categorized as pop with influences from blues, rock, folk and world genres, which, along with Malin's voice, sounds like something very unique. 
The album is mostly produced together with Mats Nilsson and Robert Wellerfors. More well known musicians and producers who participate on the record are Janne Bark and Lasse Andersson.

"My earliest musical influences are in the jazz-, soul- and blues genres, which I spent a long time studying and
I tried to imitate famous jazz singers etc. Finding my own expression has taken time and even longer has it taken to dare tell my own story - but now it´s done!" says Malin.

Malin started her artist career professionally -95 when, after studying music and theater on, among others, Kulturama, she got a job in a touring music theater group.
 Shows abroad with the Wallman group followed, and after that she started touring with different jazz- and dance bands on cruise ships etc. She also performed on a couple of TV shows (TV4 News Morning, Bingolotto) 2008.
Now Malin finally goes solo but with her own material! The album titled "Hidden in the Sands" is released on January 28th, 2015 on her own label DillnerMusic.

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DillnerMusic - January 2015
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