Posted By Tatiana Mikova on 12/17/2017

Herself - Soundtrack released

Herself - Soundtrack released

The original motion picture score was written and orchestrated by London based film music composer Tatiana Mikova, who was approached by awarded film director Kintan Chauhan (living in New York) to create an original orchestral score for his short family film “Herself”. The film is inspired by an unconditional sacrifice, that a mother, father or anyone does for someone’s happiness.

The score features five orchestral tracks and was recorded/mixed by Tomas Nohal at NohalSound Studio in London, 2017. The soundtrack album was released on 1st December 2017, one month before the world premiere of the film an is now available on AmazonGooglePlayiTunes, Spotify and other platforms.

Track list of the album:

1. Where Am I Now? (0:53)

2. I Am Happy, When You Are (1:27)

3. An Unconditional Promise (2:51)

4. Taking Her to Herself (1:35)

5. Herself, Belong (feat. Vlada Mau Bayazitova) (1:29)

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