Posted By Giulia Mihai on 05/21/2017

Giulia Mihai New 5 Albums

Giulia Mihai New 5 Albums

Giulia Mihai was born in Ploiesti, on June 5, 1992 is a young and talented singer dance pop and EDM. 
Giulia graduated College "Virgil Madgearu" Ploiesti in 2012, then attended the School of Television "TUDOR VORNICU" Bucharest that I finished in 2013. 
It is now focusing on his musical career, trying to enter the music market Romanian. Personality is declared to be a very romantic, passionate, optimistic and lively. Love for music and dance has since childhood I liked to sing and dance in front of family and friends. "In music, everything attracts me is great, makes me vibrate spiritually, build my mood special thrill me. A great voice always moves me." Giulia Mihai. Giulia has "hardened" voice singing covers of many famous songs that he "got" on various sites on the Internet, then young ploieşteancă received offers of cooperation from some known DJ in Romania, Italy, Sweden and US. Among the most important songs of Giulia note: Come Back-En La Playa launched record label Naughty Family (February 9, 2014), the song was done in collaboration with Ionuţ Murgoci (DJ Delyno) and sing along with Dutch Diamond (a known talented rapper in the US).  Come Back-En La Playa is a superb piece of summer that leads you to dance and party on the beach! The song was well received by the public, then "penetrated" several radio playlists rapidly worldwide and having a large number of remixes made by DJ worldwide.

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