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GDPR To Enhance the Cyber Security for eCommerce Website

GDPR To Enhance the Cyber Security for eCommerce Website

The briefing on pointers to secure eCommerce websites for Magento and WordPress users from Cyber attacks.

June 11, 2018 – The ratio of cyber attacks are increasing every month. Just last year U.S. consumers lost $19.4 billion dealing with cyber attacks on eCommerce websites. 29% of website traffic that eCommerce websites face is intended for attacking the website. eBay, Starbucks, and Target Corporation are some of the biggest companies that have got hacked in past.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies from 25th May 2018 replacing 20-year-old Directive 95/46/EC. This regulation states rules for data protection and privacy for all the individuals who fall into the countries that fall under GDPR. The technicalities of the GDPR can be found on concerned GDPR website.

Meanwhile, Excellent Webworld, a Magento eCommerce development company has given some quick pointers for eCommerce owners on what steps to be taken to keep their sites, company and user data safe from such attacks? The solutions can range from updating latest Magento/WordPress security patch and responding quickly to every alert that you receive on admin panel.

For Magento Clients there are some additional steps to ensure better protection:

  • For Every Admin have 2 step authentication
  • Keep changing admin passwords in short intervals and keeping the passwords complex every time.
  • Use Magento’s security tool

For WordPress merchants:

  • Only one single instruction is to isolate WordPress components onto a separate hosting environment besides WordPress itself.

Common precautions:                                                                          

  • Use a secure eCommerce Platform that has security features and regularly updates these features with various software patches.
  • As an Admin, always use a secure connection to work on the admin panel like SSL and HTTPS.
  • Include more than one layer of security for your eCommerce website like additional firewall besides the standard provided by the platform.

“Magento 2.0 has always been our favorite weapon of choice when developing eCommerce websites for our clients. Our Magento eCommerce developers are well trained not just in building websites but also to provide a proper security”, Said by Paresh Sagar, Founder & CEO of Excellent WebWorld.

About Excellent WebWorld

Excellent WebWorld is an web and Mobile app development company with its reach in 5 countries spanning across 4 continents. They offer sustainable and innovative IT solutions in building websites and mobile apps. They have a wide range of expertise in advance tech solutions from Amazon Alexa voice tech solution, IoT solutions to back-end and front-end development of websites and mobile apps. With an experienced team of developers, Excellent WebWorld has (just like its name suggests) an excellent track record in serving their customers. Learn more at Excellent WebWorld.

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