Posted By Eddie Warner on 10/25/2018

Call To Hip Hop Lovers for Help!

Call To Hip Hop Lovers for Help!

Hey, my name is Eddie! I have a new hip-hop blog called American Rap Critic, and I also happen to be in marketing. Please read this, because a few seconds of your time could make or break these 2 hip-hop artists that I want to share with you

With a lot of hurt feelings about missing probably one of the prettiest singers, I've ever heard to confidence issues that devoured the half of my life where I actually could have made something out of it...

I couldn't want my friends in the rap game to succeed any more than I do... Could you help me by sharing these two links?

I know you will like their music if you listen. They are both amazing in their own way!

SK SUPREME (My friend from South Africa! He raps and sings... Check out his video... He is so adorable!

And Nate Dezzie - (A trap rapper from Oakland)…/…/south-african-rappers/

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