Posted By Rachel Lynn on 04/26/2017

BAEBLE BLOG: Rachel Lynn Mashes Up Pop Classics

BAEBLE BLOG: Rachel Lynn Mashes Up Pop Classics

There's nothing apologetic about Rachel Lynn's voice; with booming soul and charismatic charm, she conquers space fervently and without restraint. Her voice, though incredible and released with a visceral ease, has taken years of training to get to this point. Starting early in a children's choir, Rachel has sustained her passion for singing through conducting vocal ensembles and extensive private training. Hard work pays off: staunch idolatry of Rachel Lynn has inclined drastically since garnering accolades and buzz in 2014. 

On the edge of a musical breakthrough, this singer-songwriter has chosen a unique path. Combining 2010 hit "I Need A Dollar" by Aloe Blacc and Ellie Goulding's latest single, Rachel Lynn uses simplicity as her weapon. With only a guitar adorning her expressive vibrato, her voice cuts through the dense silence and proves to be a force to be reckoned with. The video invites you to join Lynn in a vacant recording studio, beckoning an intimacy between her and the viewer. It's a beautiful rendition and would make both pop artists unequivocally satisfied on the subtle aspects of their American classics. Get her EP To Street & Transfer out now. 

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