Posted By Charles Idol on 01/02/2018

About Chuck Idol Music

About Chuck Idol Music

My music is mostly home recordings and done for the great fun and satisfaction of simply making music. I play in an open string tuning where the guitar strings are not tuned in a normal classical tuning. Often I will retune the guitar until I find a blend of open string tuning that sounds different and melodic. Then the song writing process begins. My goal is to not to rely on playing bar cords and to ensure each string is played separately and can be heard individually. I rely on simple drumbeats. Please visit my Chuck Idol web site to learn more. 

This song is played on some really old school technology running a high grade PC based internal sound card with Windows ME on Guitar Tracks Pro V2 and an Alesis Drum Machine. All Guitar parts are cut across 4 tracks then mixed down in Guitar Tracks Pro V4.

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